12 Weeks of Burgers: Taco on a Bun

Since this one was my idea, Stewart has insisted I write this post. I think it’s kind of a lame […]

12 Weeks of Burgers: Shanghai Noon Burger

My wife is very creative and innovative in the kitchen. She can blend new flavours and create new recipes on […]

5 Park Avenue

The corner of Park and Broadway, before …

In December 2013, we bought a home in the heart of Downtown Raymond. It was originally built in 1929. Over […]

Jellicoe Road by, Melina Marchetta

Another fantastic novel from an Aussie!
Jellicoe Road…where the tops of the trees reach across the street to form a canopy that the light shines through…Taylor Markham describes her almost home. Just 11 years old when she was abandoned by her mother at the Jellicoe Road boarding school, Taylor is now a senior and a reluctant …

The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen

The Cult of the Amateur, by Andrew Keen, contests that user-generated media is ruining “our economy, our culture and our values.” The front cover of the Cult of the Amateur has a blurb of a review from, Michiko Kakutani of the New York Times boasting: “Keen writes with acuity and passion about the consequences of …